Lambeth-based monastic order of young people concludes ‘year in God’s time’

Posted Jun 26, 2018

[Anglican Communion News Service] The third group of young people to spend “a year in God’s time” as members of the Community of St. Anselm – the new monastic order based at Lambeth Palace, have been commissioned to “be Jesus to the world” at the end of their year. Lambeth Palace is the official London residence and offices of the Archbishops of Canterbury. The Community was started by Archbishop Justin Welby, who serves as Abbot of the community, as part of his priority of renewing prayer and spiritual life.

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  1. James Daniel Borkowski says:

    I believe that this work is a wonderful effort toward bringing Christians together to transform the world.

  2. John-Julian Swanson, OJN says:

    May I suggest that the word “monastic” not be used to describe this community since (a) no monastic vows are taken, and (b) residence is only for one year not for life, and (c) traditional monastic characteristics (i.e., celibacy, poverty) are not present.
    “Religious order” or “Christian community” would be the more accurate description. By no means do I wish to deprecate or discredit this community experiment—indeed, I think it is a splendid undertaking and I wish ALL Christians could have the experience of living in such a community, but the participants are NOT monks or nuns, and the distinction needs to be kept clear.

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