Video: Presiding Bishop shares message of joy following royal wedding

Posted May 19, 2018


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  1. Michelle Samuels says:

    A joyful day indeed. I especially like when PB said that they were married before God. Also, to enjoy festive, happy days in the midst of troublesome times.

  2. Frank McManus says:

    I just want to thank Bishop Curry for his message today, he not only made me proud to be an Episcopalian, but more importantly, proud to be a Christian. God Bless.

  3. Rose Anne Grasty says:

    All of us who have heard Bishop Curry speak before knew what to expect. That must be what was desired by those being married.

  4. Dr. Jan Hamilton says:

    Now we want you to conduct our lesbian wedding at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. We asked our church in Colorado to allow us to be married and they refused. That is our case of Religious Freedom for all at the US Supreme Court case 17-6685 and 17-7310 being submitted for reconsideration when denied. God loves all the same gay and straight! Your sermon today in London help re-confirm our faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  5. Sherian Van Matre says:

    A wonderful uplifting homily, how fortunate we are as Christians and Episcopalians to have such a strong and inclusive message delivered by our Presiding Bishop, all are welcome! Come and help us to celebrate God’s LOVE!

  6. Jane Ramsey says:

    The homily was wonderful. I especially liked the part about, if we follow the path of love, no child would ever have to go to bed hungry. Would that our world could reach that goal.
    And that the marriage rite is the same, for common people and royalty alike.
    And the hymns, loved them.

  7. John H. Jensen, M.S. says:

    Wishing them joy and love in their new life together.

  8. Brent Brownhill Boller says:

    He hit it out of the park, as usual.

  9. Lin Tate says:

    Bishop Curry, thank you!!! Beautifully thought, written, and preached… you give us new hope.

  10. kilty mcgowen says:

    It was nothing more than a high priced circus. All they needed was the Holy-Roller PB of THE Episcopal church and they got it. How did this prince marry without his now wife had not gotten an annulment. Guess this church doesn’t require relief from an illicit marriage so they still are not married in the eyes of the church. This is what you get when you allow gays as priests along with females in places they don’t belong. Imagine a PB presiding over a lesbian wedding. An overt slap in the face of the True God. This used to be a beautiful church with morals and faith now it is an empty social shell.
    Thank you. This is just one of many posts that will not see the light of day. Speaking of freedom of speech. Yes we are cradle Episcopalians but left to return to the Roman Rite a true church.

  11. Bartel Pieterse says:

    Greetings from South Africa. Our sincere thanks to reverent Curry for the significant way that you used the opportunity to spread the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that many people over the world heard this wonderful life changing Message for the first time and many others heard the Message in its pure and untwisted form. Breaking with cold tradition and revolutionary like our Lord. May God bless you and your congregation and may you keep on fighting the good fight. Kind regards.

  12. Rev.Dr.Karen ORourke,JD,MDiv,SJD says:

    Not Episcopalian; am Christain 68yrs; your sermon was profound in it’s content, scope and Biblical message; and profoundly relevant for the people present in spite of their smirks,giggles of discomfort, and what appeared as irreverance; I have listened to the nessage several times now; And I can actively imagine the world as sanctuary, the redemptive power of love, of business and commerce based on the way of love; that the study of war is preempted by the way of love…the fire of love we celebrate at Pentecost!! Profound thanks for your message and the risk you took to preach it in that place and at that time.Blessings Rev Curry!!

  13. Joyce Rush says:

    To: kilty mcgowen
    Thank you for your comments. I totally disagree with you on all counts but love the fact that you feel free to share them.

  14. Cathryn Lamb says:

    “We really did not expect to get inspired by a Royal Wedding, but there you are. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to join the Episcopal Church.”

  15. Janet Van Sky says:

    Love this man! First time I’ve felt hope for our world in months.

  16. Robert Zakowski says:

    Bishop Curry makes me proud to be an Episcopalian! God bless him!!

  17. HG FULLER says:

    The world as a Sanctuary, filled with tolerance, support, and love for one another. Thank you, Bishop Curry, for such a vision, and may God continue to hold you up in your Christ-filled work.

  18. AJRalston says:

    I love many things English but your amazing sermon pointed to one thing I do not like. The Brits, especially the aristocracy, tend to be quite stuffy and your sermon leveled the field. I found myself rooting you on and enjoying the pained looks on many faces. You, in effect, told them to get off their entitled duffs and be about God,s work in this hurting world. Bless you!

  19. The Rev. Deacon Kathleen Crowe says:

    Bishop Curry, I am more proud than ever to be a member of the Episcopal Church! I knew you would preach the love of Jesus and you certainly did. Talk about Evangelism! Thank you for being always your authentic self and fully surrendered to let the love of God shine through you. Bravo!

  20. Larry Waters says:

    Based on the pro Bishop Curry comments, I should probably leave the EC. MLK and slavery have NOTHING to do with this wedding. Why did Bishop Curry have to politicize a wedding? Love is a grand and wonderful thing, but unfortunately love does NOT cure poverty or many other ills. I could see that Bishop Curry was enthusiastic about his topic; however, the wedding was NOT the venue to go on a lengthy discourse about love and fire. Sadly, the overall wedding was too lengthy. I guess it gave the “news media” something to fill the time slot. Usually, Anglican/Episcopal weddings are much shorter. Anyway, I pray that the new wife/husband have a loving and successful marriage.

  21. Jo-Anne Beckett says:

    When I heard that Bishop Curry would give the sermon at the royal wedding, I felt gladness that the inclusive message of the Episcopal Church would be heard by more people than ever before. I have never heard so much love, and hope and intelligence in 14 minutes. Brilliant.

  22. JC Dade says:

    Bishop Curry, I truly enjoyed your message and found it inspirational. I am not a cradle Episcopalian (I came to the Episcopal Church as an adult), and I found your message marked by love and family by use of those old spirituals that were embedded within. Love and fire is what point people to the altar to wed, and you gave us some tools to continue to man the flames of that holy fire to do the Lord’s work. It is sad to me that some were distracted by the reference to slavery (the source of those songs) and the reference to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and seemed to have missed the message of love and service that comes from the passion fires of love…the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord! Thank you. It truly made me feel increasingly connected to what is now a familiar service.

  23. Linda D Fuhrman says:

    A most amazing sermon, if you will, from a most amazing man. You made me so proud to have chosen the Episcopal Church as my church home. Look forward to the day i can meet you and hear you speak again.

  24. The Rev Dr Lucretia Mann says:

    Larry Waters, I’m curious about your “politicizing” remark. I’m wondering if you’ve closely read the Gospels lately. I cannot think of a more political (pertaining to what is in the best interest of the community) teacher/rabbi/preacher than Jesus.

  25. Kenneth Knapp says:

    I read the Gospels closely every day and think that Jesus transcends partisan politics to the point that politics are incompatible with authentic Christianity. I realize that many people on the right and the left read their politics into the Gospel, but I find your suggestion that someone who doesn’t share your bias has not read the Gospel closely is both condescending and offensive.

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