Faith leaders discuss gender justice at UN gathering on women

Posted Mar 23, 2018

[World Council of Churches] As the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women was underway through this week in New York City, the Rev. Terrie Robinson encouraged faith leaders to see their positive role in speaking out for gender justice in their communities.

When it comes to living and working with a sense of justice, “faith leaders and faith groups – at least where they are adequately equipped – have huge potential,” she said.

As co-chair of Side by Side, a faith movement for gender justice, Robinson believes that faith leaders have great power to help people live with equality and dignity. “There is a faith imperative for gender justice,” she said. “People still listen to faith leaders. Governments still listen to faith leaders.”

Speaking as part of a panel on March 15, Robinson highlighted some of the strides faith leaders have made in helping people to better lives. “In recent years we’ve seen how faith leaders can dismantle the stigma around HIV and AIDS. We have seen faith leaders lead communities in letting go of centuries-old practices that led to the spread of ebola.”

When it comes to gender justice, Robinson acknowledged the collective church has, at times, oppressed and discriminated against women. “We’ve gotten it wrong plenty of times,” she said. “But we can reclaim our sacred texts and reclaim our job. Faith leaders can be agents of change in their communities.”

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  1. Olivia Celine Pheonix says:

    Mt opinion on Gender Justice is that God created us in his image. Everyone involved in this issue must understand hat God ‘s Image is. Doe’s this mean we physically look like GOD ? No of course not. It is an image is of a spiritual nature. We must remember that GOD’s word show’s us how accept each other. Jesus said you must love one another as yourself-for no man/woman has ever hated his own flesh.. We are all imperfect and fall short of the glory of GOD. GOD see’s the secret person of the heart. So as we should without looking at a person being a man or a woman. I am transgender. The angel’s are neither male or female. Isn’t that beautiful. The time of discrimination because of a person’s gender we must realize GOD’S image reflect’s no sexual presence.

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