Threat of nuclear war ‘is a sin,’ World Council of Churches’ chief tells economic leaders

Posted Jan 22, 2018

[Anglican Communion News Service] The general secretary of the World Council of Churches, the Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit, will take an anti-nuclear message with him when he travels Tuesday to Davos, Switzerland, for a meeting of the World Economic Forum. Writing in advance of the meeting, Tveit says that he “can think of no greater antithesis to this vision of shared life and responsibility, no greater obscenity against it, than the continued existence of and political and social support for nuclear weapons … It is time to say together that this is wrong. It is time to call it a sin, both using and having nuclear weapons.”

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  1. P.J. Cabbiness says:

    I am sure that the North Korean, Russian, and Chinese leaders will, upon reading this article, see the error of their ways and immediately begin to negotiate an end to nuclear weapons (I am only being facetious because of the absurdity of the Reverend’s position). This article is utterly without merit. Nuclear weapons are a powerful and necessary deterrent. The peace we enjoy would not exist if not for our nuclear arsenal. Israel would have already fallen but for their nuclear capabilities. These weapons are neither moral or immoral. They are necessary tools for modern defense and, if needed, they are available to terminate a deadly threat preemptively thus assuring our continued national survival. I do not fear advanced weaponry under civilian control and authorized for military use only in the most serious and dire circumstances.

  2. Joe Prasad says:

    Perhaps the World Council of Churches ought to also comment on biological warfare and its impact on society.

  3. Ronald Davin says:

    Is he even aware of E.M.P. weapons ?

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