Church of England's report on marriage, sexuality suffers setback at Synod

Posted Feb 15, 2017

[Anglican Communion News Service] A report from the Church of England‘s House of Bishops about marriage and same-sex relationships has received a significant setback in a vote at the General Synod in London. It is an embarrassing symbolic rejection of the bishops’ report which had stated that there should be no change in the church’s teaching while calling for a “fresh tone” on the issues. Speaking before the vote, the Archbishop of Canterbury said he believed passionately that the report that had been worked on and struggled with was a roadmap and he promised the church would find a new “inclusion.”

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  1. Mark Brasington says:

    So much for the new “inclusion”. Is the CofE hell-bent on becoming irrelevant in today’s world ??

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    No wonder the church has become irrelevant for so many people! There is not a need for “more conversation” – there is a need to accept EVERYONE as God’s creation and Jesus’ brothers and sisters!

    1. Ken Thomas says:

      My brother, the church has become irrelevant because it has turned its back on the Word of God and substituted “progressive” liberal views that fit their scheme to enlarge their congregations. I should know since I was a fourth generation Episcopalian and took my family to a God fearing bible teaching Baptist church and never looked back. Any church that spits in the face of God will eventually become just as irrelevant as yours.

      1. den mark wichar says:

        There is a place for “God fearing” Baptist churches, I suppose, & a place for God-LOVING Anglicans in the Kingdom.

      2. Jennifer Buckalew says:

        The last time I checked, Christ gave no proclamation on sexual orientation. As I recall, He says “love your neighbor”, “love one another as I have loved you”. He didn’t say love only the people whose morality you agree with. He didn’t say only the people who are like you, He said EVERYONE. If you profess to be Christian, you by definition follow the words and example of Christ, not what was written in Leviticus and not what Paul says to further the existence of the Church. I do believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and to worship as they see fit. I don’t believe that exclusion in any way furthers the message of Christ or the Church.

    2. John Warfel says:

      Hear! Hear!

  3. George Burrell says:

    What a silly report. It merely reinforces the untenable status quo! I can’t believe intelligent people would waste year after year analysing and writing reports .. conferences and consultations .. when the big picture is clear. Embrace LGBTI or face the consequences of decreasing relevance.

    Lay people in particular might better spend their leisure hours helping their neighbours or at the beach.

  4. susan zimmerman says:

    …our Lord needs to return…BUT…”…thy will be done…”

  5. Bob Scruggs says:

    God is about out of work. Some denominations, and members thereof, are expropriating some of God’s historic responsibilities. One example is judgment. Another is punishment. In religion’s sure march toward militancy, rather than ministry, judgment is now handled on this earth. There is much in the Bible about final judgment, which is in God’s province. However, the LGBT community is judged to be non-acceptable and subsequently denied this or that religious element. And that, of course, is punishment. If sexuality that does not fit the definition of heterosexuality is a sin, what is wrong in fellowship with the LGBT community, and let God hand down the sentence. There are many sins that are competing for our human proclivities, but the issue of sexuality has the greatest audience. Apparently, those other sins can live in peace, and let the sinners enjoy all the ecclesiastical trappings without fear of losing privileges. Churches have historically gone to war, many times on defenseless humans under the guise of maintaining what ‘God joined together … and let no man (those who practice nonconforming sexuality) put asunder. If we are creatures authorized by the living God, it makes one wonder how nonconforming sex came to be resident in a great many human beings. People thank God for acceptable gifts; but who authored humans who are gay, and why are there different colors of eyes and hair? I think the LGBT should have full membership in the Anglican Communion, and return to God the responsibility of deciding on the morality of the LGBT constituency. There is no movement being generated to “fight” pre-marital sex, but it is widespread. Why doesn’t it get the attention it deserves, so that judgment and punishment may be allocated to those who currently practice pre-marital sex fearlessly?

    1. Verna Hurley says:

      AMEN Brother!!!

    2. Pamela Payne says:

      We fallible humans will always manage to find some Biblical support for our views, and some sins to ignore. It is God’s prerogative to judge and to punish, as Bob so eloquently stated. Christ’s commands were to love God with all our being, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. If we can do that, then God will surely do God’s part in creation, as intended. We much be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit, who is not confined to human interpretation of scriptures, and who was sent to teach us more than Christ had time to do in his earthly existence. May we be open in the Spirit and in love.

  6. Robert Gordon says:

    Given that the Episcopal Church’s mind on this subject is not monochromatic, I am a little surprised to see the headline make a judgment call on the actions of another province with the term “setback.”
    Why is this a setback? It is what it is, and voted upon. Why is the vote at their Synod not being described as the work of the Holy Spirit, as we in the Episcopal Church are so likely to say when things go “our” way?
    Just a little judging evaluation on my part, but perhaps the article was written before the lessons for Epiphany 7A were read and/or heard.

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