Video: Primates Meeting press conference

Posted Jan 15, 2016

Press conference held Jan. 15 at the conclusion of the Primates Meeting in Canterbury, England.


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  1. Wm Bonnell says:

    Surely, the Anglican Church has the resources to have invited the press into a more dignified and elegant chamber. Why meet in a bunker?

  2. Sharon King says:

    How we have wounded each other for generations. We see clearly in our struggles now, that the wages of the sin of past colonial powers is death. The Southern Hemisphere is weary of our arrogence. “Jesus wept.” “Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.”

  3. The Rev Frank F. Wilson says:

    I am amazed at the Archbishop’s expressions of regret for the pain and suffering that the church has inflicted on homosexual persons on the one hand while at the same time defending, if not actually endorsing, the Communion’s decision to render the Episcopal Church disenfranchised because they have authorized the blessing of same sex marriage. The greatest of ironies, of course, is that this action taken by the Communion continues to cause pain and suffering as it sends the message to persons of LGBT orientation that they are somehow outside the bounds of God’s love, caring and status as beloved children of God such that the church would deny the sacramental nature of the loving relationships they choose relative to whom they desire to share their life with via Holy Matrimony. The disconnect is astounding.

    1. susan zimmerman says:

      …our church has never been against anyone loving one another…they may give each other a kiss…a hug breast to breast, stomach to stomach, and thigh to thigh…but?

    2. Dr. Carol Gerard says:

      Did the Primates from Africa clearly condemn that criminalization of TGBTI people and those who know them? I did not hear this in the presser.

    3. Stephen Abraham says:

      In my simplicity and shallowness of faith, I believe no individual or Church can resolve if a man or a woman or anything else were within or outside the perimeters of God’s love, only God Himself can do so thru His words in the Bible. If the World wide Church has re-affirmed what the Scriptures have said, why should we condemn Her? If anybody takes an exception to God’s teachings, then they should request Him to exempt them from His tenets or otherwise pour your anger on Him not our prelates, please. In other words, do not shoot the messenger, shoot the one who sent him or her.

  4. Dr. Carol Gerard says:


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