Installation of the 27th Presiding Bishop: Ticket details for two events

Posted Sep 9, 2015

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] Two events will highlight the Installation of the next Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church, Bishop Michael Bruce Curry.

The Rt. Rev. Michael Bruce Curry, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, was elected and confirmed to be the next Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church at the 78th General Convention on June 27. According to the Canons of The Episcopal Church, he becomes Presiding Bishop and Primate on November 1. Bishop Curry is the first African-American to be elected Presiding Bishop and Primate of The Episcopal Church. Bishop Curry will be the 27th Presiding Bishop.

Saturday, October 31
All are invited to join a Vigil Celebration and Eucharist, sponsored by the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE) in honor of the 27th Presiding Bishop on Saturday, October 31 at 11 am Eastern at the Armory, 2001 E. Capital St. SE in Washington, DC.

The Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society will sponsor a live webcast of the Vigil Celebration at

Additional information is available here.

Ticket applications for the October 31 event are available here.

Sunday, November 1
The Holy Eucharist with the Installation of the 27th Presiding Bishop will occur on Sunday, November 1 at noon Eastern at Washington National Cathedral.

The Holy Eucharist with the Installation of the 27th Presiding Bishop will be live webcast available here.

Applications for tickets for available seating for the November 1 event at Washington National Cathedral will be distributed by lottery.

“This selection process was adopted as the fairest way to distribute tickets to the general public, noted the Rev. Canon Michael Barlowe, chair of the Transition Committee. “Demand for tickets far exceeds the capacity of Washington National Cathedral.”

Please note:
•    Only one ticket per person, and each person must fill out a form here
•    There is no charge for a ticket.
•    Applications will be accepted until 5 pm Eastern on Monday, September 21.
•    Selections will be conducted by random drawing.
•    Those allocated tickets will be notified on September 22, with further information.


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  1. Thomas Hofer says:

    Bishop Curry emphasized Jesus as the principal actor and cause for his work and that of the church. I hope he will apply that to the work the church has to do on the outside, with the poor, the refugees and other destitute people with whom Jesus identified Himself. Remember, Jesus told us, “Not everyone that sayeth to me, >>Lord, Lord<<, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he that doeth the will of my Father who is in heaven."

  2. Fr. Anthony Clavier says:

    As those of us who don’t live in the Eastern time zone will be in church at noon EST, it is to be hoped that the entire service will be streamed later in the day.

    1. Robert Andrews-Bryant says:

      Agreed. I am disappointed not to be able to see it live, but it starts the same time as our principal service. And, it’s our patronal feast, so I won’t cut church!

  3. Cynthia Nawrocki says:

    I understood that Deputies to General Convention were all eligible for one ticket to the consecration. I applied but never heard anything. Should I assume I will not have a ticket?

    1. Lee Ann Walling says:

      I was a deputy, applied and received an email letting me know that I would get a ticket. You should contact Michael Barlowe.

  4. Chuck Till says:

    The preface on the surveymonkey homepage for the lottery could have been written more nicely and with fewer negatives. My edits:

    “Completing this survey enters you in a lottery to receive one ticket. Submit this survey only once per person by 5:00 pm Eastern Time on September 21. We will discard duplicate, incomplete, and erroneous entries. After the deadline we will randomly select entries to receive one ticket each, and we will notify those persons by email on September 28. Our email will include suggestions about travel. We will notify only those persons whose entries were selected; therefore, failure to receive the email from us on September 28 means that your entry was unlucky. Please note: entering the lottery is without cost, and so is receiving a ticket. But you must make your own travel arrangements and bear your own travel expenses.”

    1. Laurie Eiserloh says:

      Regarding the preface for the survey monkey, here are my suggestions to make it warmer and more welcoming:

      “Nobody gets in to see the Wizard! Not nobody not nohow!” hehehe

  5. Emily Schnabl says:

    I am saddened by the 12 noon start time. In Central Time that’s 11:00 on a major feast day.

  6. Judy Fleener says:

    I wanted to apply for a ticket for me and for my husband. I could not do that on this computer. It would only take one application from here. Why?

    1. John McClanahan says:

      Judy Fleener wrote: “I wanted to apply for a ticket for me and for my husband. I could not do that on this computer. It would only take one application from here. Why?”

      The SurveyMonkey website left a “cookie” on your computer. That “cookie” is a small file that acts as a flag, designating that an application has already been filed from that computer. If you wish, you can delete all the “cookies” associated with, and then you will be able to make a second application. Consult the “Help” in your web browser (Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, etc.) for specific information on how to delete “cookies”.

  7. John Andrews says:

    Everywhere it is the major Holy Feast Day of All Saint’s. For me and my parish church we will gather in our historic cemetery to honor those who have departed this life and remember them as we flower the graves and toll the bells. Afterwards tables will be set under old oak treses and we will enjoy”Soup with the Saints”. I will then suggest that all return to their homes and watch the webcast of the good man being ordained to be our Presiding Bishop. God bless Michael Curry as he prepares to continue to be God’s servant in this time and place…………….

  8. Mary Novello says:

    If only one partner of a couple wins a ticket, will there be space on the grounds for the ticketless partner to view live streaming? (Both my husband and I have applied individually).

  9. Harold Walker says:

    I do understand the 12 noon start time, this an installation of a man to Presiding Bishop in the Episcopal Church – We Episcopalians have responded to Christ’s call, sharing the Gospel with people in North America, throughout Latin America and the Caribbean islands, even reaching to Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim. How else could a time be chosen? I trust Michael Curry to be the representation of the will of our Episcopal people to bring Jesus to all the world. Listen, and hear!

  10. Pamela Sten says:

    I am interested in finding a way to do a participatory Eucharist on Nov 1 while watching the service live in our parish hall. I would appreciate input/ideas and additional ways of becoming a part of the Consecration Service without being at the Cathedral. Also, an FYI to ENS: The National Cathedral Website shows no events on Nov 1 on its calendar. And when you click “live webcast available here” from the above article, it takes you to the National Cathedral website.

    1. Mary Frances Schjonberg says:

      That is the page where the live webcast will appear. The player is simply not there yet. I do not know why the cathedral’s calendar does not include a listing. As to a participatory Eucharist, perhaps the order of service will be posted before the service begins. It was in 2006.

  11. Ken Walters says:

    This Episcopalian is very proud to see Bishop Curry selected. Would that I could be in D.C. to witness his installation. This is especially poignant as Bishop Polk of the Diocese of Louisiana became a Confederate General…

  12. Carl MaultsBy says:

    Inasmuch as this year’s All Saints Day coincides with the Institution of the Presiding Bishop, I would like to offer this worship suggestion:

    Following the model of National UBE of streaming in the service from National Cathedral to the DC Armory, your parish could stream the service interactively in the context of worship. Instead of the usual parish bulletin, use the bulletin for the Institution. It will be made available by National Cathedral prior to Nov. 1. Your congregation could sing along the hymns and service music simulcast from the Cathedral. At the Distribution of the Elements following the Eucharistic Prayers, your congregation could receive communion from your priest.

    Moreover, I suggest that this 12:00 PM streamed service be the only service that day. So as to not generate confusion, your parish marquis could display for the entire month of October “Nov 1-One Service Only, 12 PM, EST, PB Institution.” This offers another opportunity for your parish to fellowship as ONE community as well as show its pride in being apart of the larger Episcopal community.

    Perhaps your parish could also notify the other Episcopal congregations in your area whose members might want to participate rather than watch a delayed YouTube version.

  13. richard pinaire says:

    4 of us folks from Kansas want to attend the Nov. 1 event. 2 of us got tickets but 2 did not. If we can get 2 more tickets we will all attend, otherwise I would not expect too many folks from Kansas to attend, to include out 2 friends who did get tickets. Can anyone help us with 2 more tickets? We attend the parish in Junction City, Kansas. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. Charles R Pogue says:

    For those unable to watch the webcast of the Institution live, how soon will a copy of the complete service be available online, e.g. YouTube, or elsewhere?

  15. Kemp Wills says:

    Regarding the Live Streaming of the service. Please update the instructions or the link. The link you provide to is too general and does not seem to provide any discussion of streaming. Also, the comment from Sept 10th saying that the broadcast “will appear” is not definite enough for us to commit to changing our service locally. Does anyone have a link to more information about the Live Streaming? Thank you.

    1. Kemp Wills says:

      Looking around some more – I see this link, which might be their normal live streaming of their Sunday services. This could be what they are going to use for Nov 1st, but one would think they would highlight it more — esp. 4 days away.

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