Presiding Bishop restores David Bane to ordained ministry

Posted Apr 28, 2015

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs press release] Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has restored the Rt. Rev. David Bane to ordained ministry in The Episcopal Church.

As such, he returns to The Episcopal Church as a bishop and is a member of the House of Bishops. The Presiding Bishop took this action following a request from Bane and in consultation with her Council of Advice and with Bishop Robert Skirving of the Diocese of East Carolina.

The restoration took effect April 8 and was celebrated at an April 27 service of reconciliation with Bishop Skirving in the Diocese of East Carolina.

The notice signed by the Presiding Bishop, called Restoration to Ordained Ministry, reads as such:

Upon retraction of his Renunciation of Ordained Ministry in this Church made to me in writing on March 21, 2015, and his execution of the Declaration of Conformity prescribed by Article VIII of the Constitution of The Episcopal Church, and with the advice and consent of the Advisory Council to the Presiding Bishop, I have rescinded the Declaration of Removal and Release from the Ordained Ministry of this Church, executed by me on May 22, 2009, of The Right Rev. David C. Bane, Bishop of Southern Virginia, Resigned, who is, therefore, restored to the Ordained Ministry of this Church, with the attendant obligations of Ministerial office, and endowed with the right to exercise the gifts and spiritual authority as a Minister of God’s Word and Sacraments in this Church conferred on him in Ordinations.


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  1. Brian Turner says:

    Noreen, follow the link (highlighted Bane in 2nd paragraph) to answer your questions.

  2. DEE W. BRIGHT, SR. says:

    To Bishop Bane we say The Episcopal Church Welcomes You again!!!

  3. Richard McClellan says:

    Welcome back!

  4. C.M. Turner says:

    We cannot talk about reconciliation with Bane when at the same time we are inhibiting and deposing the (now) former Suffragan Bishop of Maryland. By his own actions and with his own voice, Bane made misguided, destructive and heretical statements about the Episcopal Church. He abandoned the Communion.

    Cook, the former Suffragan in Maryland, made a tragic, but human mistake. She is deserving of whatever justice and consequences that comes her way, but she has not abandoned the Communion.

    Having come to his senses, Bane is certainly welcome in our church. He should not, however, have been re-instated as a bishop. I hope his personal epiphany is based in the Holy Spirit and not the Church Pension Group.

  5. LTC Gene Moser says:

    Bane did extreme damage to the Diocese of Southern Virginia. I can see welcoming him back to the church and even the priesthood, but not the bishopric.

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