Dominic Barrington named dean of St. James Cathedral, Chicago

Posted Mar 23, 2015

ens_dominicBarrington[St. James Cathedral Chicago press release] Saint James Episcopal Cathedral in Chicago has called the Rev. Dominic Barrington, an English priest with a background in arts management and a commitment to supporting the Christian communities in Israel and Palestine, to be its dean.

“In Dominic Barrington, St. James Cathedral has called a strong, loving and wise priest to be its dean,” Chicago Bishop Jeffrey D. Lee said. “I believe he will be an inspirational leader at the cathedral, and a strong presence in the city of Chicago, championing the mission and ministry of the cathedral as a place of extraordinary hospitality, significant outreach, and excellence in the arts.”

Barrington, 52, will be installed as the cathedral’s dean on Sept. 13, pending the approval of non-immigrant visas for him and his family. He said he is eager to begin work at St. James, which he described as “a robust, educated, switched-on Christian community that has a sense of who they are as the Body of Christ in downtown Chicago.”

Though he has served in the Church of England throughout his ordained ministry, Barrington spent a year as an exchange student at Church Divinity School of the Pacific, an Episcopal seminary in Berkeley, California. He later developed an extensive network in the United States through his work in the Holy Land, where he organizes and leads pilgrimages structured to provide income and employment for the indigenous Christian business community.

“We were looking for a dean who could help us to open our doors to a greater cross-section of God’s people, deepen our involvement in the life of the city and strengthen our arts and music program,” said Graham Bell, leader of the cathedral’s governing chapter. “We are delighted that Dominic has accepted our call.”

Barrington has been rector of a church in Kettering, England, 90 miles north of London, for 12 years. He and his wife Alison have two sons, Benedict, 7, and Linus, 5. Before ordination he spent five years with Arts Council England where he worked to create and fund new performance opportunities for many internationally renowned ensembles, including the London Symphony and Royal Philharmonic orchestras.


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  1. ronald freeman says:

    St.James was my church for 12yr. under Bp.JamesMontgonery,its good to see some English blood

  2. Susan Zimmerman says:

    …hope he has an Anglican collar?

  3. lurl jennings says:

    Our priests come in many collars. Just make sure you send him out to do his job with a nice,
    clean one.
    After slogging all day working with all kinds and conditions of peope he deserves that much.
    Afterall, he is working for you…people of God.
    Blessed Holy Week and Happy and Joyous Easter.

  4. J.H.Shumaker says:

    The collar was a C of E thing that has been adopted by other Christian bodies. Is there any other kind of collar? If so, I’m not aware of it. The so-called ‘Roman Collar’ is Anglican!!!

  5. Fr. John H. Shumaker says:

    If there is any other type of collar I’m not aware of it. The Collar is an Anglican C of E invention if you are not aware. The so-called ‘Roman Collar’ is Anglican !!!

    Fr. John H. Shumaker

    1. lurl jennings says:

      Right you are! As a person who buys a few of them every so often there are several models of collar. I always make certain to check on the back of the collar to see if the little round hook is there so the leash can be properly placed.
      When you put on the collar you also put on your own leash and have to adjust it accordingly.
      That has just been my observation.

  6. Chris Hansen says:

    The all-round collar (referred to as “Anglican” in the US) is only worn here by C of E Evangelical clergy who are toward the right-wing of the Church. They would also be what an Episcopalian would call “Low Church”, in general.

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