Archbishop of Canterbury visits Anglicans in Brazil and Chile

Posted Sep 8, 2014

Archbishop Justin Welby with Anglican bishops in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 4 Sept 2014.

[Lambeth Palace press release] The Archbishop of Canterbury today concluded a four-day visit to Anglicans in Brazil and Chile, part of his series of visits to Anglican primates worldwide.

Archbishop Justin Welby and his wife, Caroline, spent two days visiting the primate of the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil, Bishop Francisco de Assis da Silva, before flying to Chile to visit the Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone, Bishop Tito Zavala.

The Archbishop is visiting all his fellow primates around the Anglican Communion during his first 18 months in office.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Archbishop met and prayed with local bishops, clergy and lay people. He also preached at Most Holy Trinity Parish, reflecting on the theme of his visit – ‘I am the vine… if you remain in me you will bear much fruit.’ (John 15.5).

Archbishop Justin meets with young people in Santiago, Chile, 7 Sept 2014.

While in Brazil the Archbishop also addressed local ecumenical leaders about the importance of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue for the Anglican Communion.

In the Chilean capital, Santiago, the Archbishop attended a special service in which the province officially changed its name to the Anglican Church of South America. The service was one of thanksgiving for Allen Gardiner, the man who founded the South American Mission Society and sacrificed his life as one of the continent’s first missionaries.

The Archbishop also attended a special event with Chilean religious, social and political leaders, where he spoke on the role of faith in the development of society, and preached at a parish Sunday morning service in Santiago.

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  1. Rich McDonough says:

    One minor point…Sao Paulo is not the capital of Brazil. It is Brasilia.

  2. The NEWEST invention of a faux-suggested-reality is the Anglican Church of South America…Southern Cone only has a few dioceses… one in Uruguay (wanted to break away but the Cone wouldn’t let them), two in Argentina, one in Paraguay, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. Although the distance is great, their fellowship is tiny in South America and it’s a tad grandiose to say they ARE the Anglicans of South America…The Episcopal Church has Dioceses in Honduras, Ecuador (2), Columbia, Venezuela, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands (also cosponsors Cuba). Brazil, of course, is the largest ANGLICAN group of all and most dynamic on the actual Continent of South America. It is my opinion, that the Southern Cone ought best identify as a province of Gafcon or the ACNA. Let’s get and stay honest, por favor as they certainly don’t represent ANGLICANS in South America as a whole.

  3. Let’s stop playing pretend…all of us!

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