Diane Belcher to lead music program at St. Thomas, Hanover, NH

Posted Aug 27, 2014

ens_dianeMeredithBelcherRenowned organist and choir director Diane Meredith Belcher will lead the parish music program at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Hanover, NH.

Belcher, a prize-winning organist, internationally recognized recitalist, choir director, and teacher, is graduate of the Curtis Institute of Music and the Eastman School of Music. Belcher has 30 years of professional experience in sacred music, having served churches in Philadelphia, Boston, Rochester, Syracuse, Baltimore, and Memphis, where she was also the founding director of the Memphis Concert Chorale. She will play her first service at St. Thomas on Sept. 14, 2014.


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  1. Livingston Prescott Humboldt IV says:

    A fabulous organist but she certainly seems to move around a lot.

    1. Roy Kersey says:

      Her complete employment history is available at Linked In if you join. Actually, she’s been an organist for 37 years now and has moved around some, but has also stayed in some places for five years and more. It’s in the nature of organists’ work that they move when better opportunities arise, if their talents warrant it. This could mean an opportunity to direct more or better singers, to play a better organ, to play more concerts or recitals, etc. Belcher is highly credentialed and is a prize winning recitalist and a distinguished music faculty member at some of the best music schools, so I’m sure that the churches which were able to get her for a year or two were very glad to have her. Her one year stint at the Wanamaker organ as assistant was while a student, and so were a couple of her short church jobs.

      I don’t think we should fault one of America’s distinguished performers and teachers because she’s had to move some to get the opportunities she can make rich use of. I have no connection to her, but I did take time to read her resume and, based on that, I hope to hear her play someday!

  2. john andrews says:

    Wonder if she would like to come to Grace-Calvary Episcopal Church, Clarkesville, Ga. and play our 1848 Henry Erben pipe organ………Still working every Sunday……….

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