Archbishop of Canterbury condemns abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls

Posted May 7, 2014

[Lambeth Palace] Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby today condemned the abduction of over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls from their boarding school three weeks ago, and has asked that people join him in praying for their safe release.

Archbishop Justin said:

“This is an atrocious and inexcusable act and my prayers and thoughts go out to the young people and their families at this upsetting time. I appeal to those who have taken these schoolgirls to release them immediately and unharmed. This is in a part of Nigeria I have visited and in a country whose people are close to my heart. Let your hearts be open in compassion and mercy to those who have suffered so much.”


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  1. Austine Onyia says:

    Abducting these innocent young girls is not only atrocious but also cowardly and despicable. while we join hands and hearts in prayers for these victims and their family, I will like to implore all who have the capacity to pressurize the government of Nigeria to take decisive action to end the incessant threats to innocent lives and properties by these Islamic extremists.

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