Video: One young adult…and a South African clinic

By Matthew Davies
Posted Mar 13, 2014

[Episcopal News Service] Keri Geiger from the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has decided to do something bold and daring. She’s left behind her steady job on a labor ward in Richmond to bring her nursing skills to a poverty-stricken community in South Africa.

Geiger is spending one year as a Young Adult Service Corps volunteer, working with the Overstrand Care Centre in Hawston. Her placement is a partnership between the Episcopal Church and HOPE Africa, the Anglican Church of Southern Africa‘s social development arm.

Additional videos in this ENS series highlighting the ministry of YASC missionaries follow.

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  1. Grace van Thillo says:

    Thank you for sharing Keri’s compassionate ministry; and her spreading of God’s love with healing care.

  2. Margo Fletcher says:

    That she is compassionate and caring I have no doubt but South Africa is the richest country with the best super structure, a pretty prevalent western culture and excellent medical schools of its own, in Africa. It would be much more impressive as healing evangelism either in the Southern part of our own country or Zambia.

  3. Laura Inscoe says:

    Keri has a deep call to seek and serve Christ in others, and we’re so proud of her and grateful. St. John’s, Richmond, VA prays with and for Keri every week. Join us!

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