RIP: Lucy Brady Talbott, retired priest

Posted Feb 17, 2014

The Rev. Lucy Brady Talbott, retired rector of St. Paul’s in the Pines, Fayetteville, North Carolina, died on Oct. 26 at the Passages Hospice, New Orleans, Louisiana.

She served as an associate rector of the Church of St. Clement, Alexandria, Virginia, after her graduation from Virginia Theological School. Lucy was a fearless advocate for inclusive theology and St. Paul’s is known for its diversity. She was also an early activist for those with HIV/AIDS when fear and misinformation dominated public perception of the disease. Having lost a beloved brother from the AIDS epidemic in the early 80s, she opened the doors for others to see those living with the disease with compassion and acceptance.

The Women’s Center of Fayetteville presented Lucy with the Woman of the Year award in 1992. It is called the Giraffe medal given to those who stick their necks out for others.

Lucy is survived by her daughter, Amanda Talbott Bray of New Orleans and grandchildren Stella Frentress and Conor Bray and two sisters Ellen Finn and Sue Wankowivz and a brother Jeremish Brady.