Video: Terry Star preaches at consecration of St. James, Cannon Ball

By Mary Frances Schjonberg
Posted Nov 25, 2013

[Episcopal News Service – Cannon Ball, North Dakota] The Rev. Terry Star, a deacon who grew up in St. James Episcopal Church, Cannon Ball, and who is now a seminarian at Nashotah House in Wisconsin, tells those who will worship at the new St. James that they must take the joy and happiness they feel out into the rest of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.

“We have an opportunity in this building and through the Gospel and through our worship in this building to bring color and celebration back into the community” to destroy the demon “that’s eating up our people,” he said.

Star, who read the Gospel in Dakota, epitomized the church’s confluence of Western Christianity and Sioux spirituality. He was vested in cassock, surplice, tippet and preaching tabs, wearing a medallion beaded with the Chi Ro symbol, an eagle feather tied in his hair and beaded moccasins on his feet. Star preached from an iPad.

The new St. James was consecrated Nov. 23, some 16 months after an arson fire tore through the wooden church building and guild hall.

Written ENS coverage of the consecration is here.

– The Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg is an editor/reporter for the Episcopal News Service.


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  1. Bishop Joel Marcus Johnson says:

    I was deeply touched by Deacon Star’s homily, for his plain spoken manner, for his ability to inform Sioux legends with the Gospel, and for his great compassion and love for his people. Because I was a cradle Episcopalian in North Dakota, I am familiar with the mission works begun in the 1890s by Bishop William David Walker. I am glad that Deacon Star is pursuing the priesthood, and so I treasure his vocation to the Church. AMDG!

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