Pakistan: Open-air services bring healing to Peshawar Christians

Posted Sep 3, 2013

[Diocese of Peshawar’s The Frontier News] The healing ministry of the Diocese of Peshawar in Pakistan organized an open-air two-day healing services program at St. John’s Cathedral Church lawn at the end of August.

These healing services were jointly organized by the Rev. Samson Anwar, who is in charge of the diocese’s healing ministry, and Pastor Anwar Fazal from Isaac TV, Lahore.

The basic theme of the program was taken from the parable of the courageous woman, a widow who kept on seeking justice from an unjust judge. Eventually her resistance against injustice, her hope, and waiting meant she was rewarded with justice (Luke 18:1-8).

The priests during the healing services encouraged people to keep on praying continuously, saying, “Jesus assures his followers that God will do justice in the end.”

Hundreds of people attended the services; large crowds of the faithful came from all over the province to hear the word of God.
A good number of non-Christians were there as well, seeking His blessings and were looking forward to receive healings, and to witness the miracles in the Holy name of Jesus Christ.

Anwar and Fazal, along with other priests of the Peshawar diocese, prayed constantly for the sick, disabled, and for people possessed with demons and evil spirits. Religious songs and hymns were sung with great conviction and commitment.