FOND DU LAC: Search process for eighth bishop announced

Posted Apr 23, 2013

[Diocese of Fond du Lac] The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Fond du Lac has released information on its search process for the diocese’s eighth bishop. Information about the process, the diocese and forms for making nomination are available in the Diocesan Profile. Nominations are being received until May 15.

The bishop election will take place on Oct. 19 in the Cathedral of St. Paul, Fond du Lac. The ordination and consecration is scheduled to take place on April 26, 2014.

The eighth bishop will succeed the Rt. Rev. Russell E. Jacobus who has served as the diocese’s seventh bishop since 1994.

The Diocese of Fond du Lac is a part of the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion with almost 6,000 baptized members worshipping in 37 locations across the northeast third of the state of Wisconsin.



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  1. Fr. Steven A. Scarcia says:

    Commenting on Mr. Lanier’s observation, I would like to say that part of the essence of the Ministry of the Oxford movement was it’s outreach to the poor and in those in need. That could be witnessed with the early settlement work of the Society of St. John the Evangelist (SSJE – the Cowley Fathers) in England and abroad. One of the side effects of the Oxford Movement was its zeal to “regain” many of Ancient “Catholick” traditions, teachings etc. within the Anglican/Episcopal Church which had become abandoned. Those upset with the so called “Fon du Lac Circus,” photo thought that by seeing such a display of ‘Popery,” the Episcopal Church had simply gone too far in allowing something “Too Roman Catholic” to be allowed! They totally missed the Ecumenical importance of the presence in that photo of two very important Bishops; Anglican Bishop Grafton & Russian Orthodox Bishop Tikon (Saint Tikon!). In essence, the Fon du Lac photo opened wide the gates by beginning a process within the Episcopal Church, to be fearless in discovering more about its often discarded ancient roots and traditions. But if you are suggesting that what the Diocese of Fon du Lac did was a scandal…then perhaps we should take a look at a current day Consecration of a Bishop and see the kind of haberdashery that our Presiding & Co-Consecrating Bishops don. Then add to this, the existance of our very own and current American Book of Common Prayer…a triumph of the work started by the Oxford Movement. Yet through it all, the Dioceses of the Episcopal Church have been enriched by all of this…by embracing a combination of being Catholic, Evangelical, Broad, Low, High etc.; with one, and only one purpose – to proclaim the Good News that Jesus is Lord and that we are to love and serve our neighbors. Fon du Lac does it one way, Virginia, perhaps another etc. Give Fon du Lac a break and let them do what they do best – pray & serve!

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