Video: New Hampshire Bishop Hirschfeld reflects on Way of the Cross

By Mary Frances Schjonberg
Posted Mar 26, 2013

[Episcopal News Service – Washington, D.C.] Diocese of New Hampshire Bishop Rob Hirschfeld reflects on his participation in the March 25 Way of the Cross procession in a rainy Washington, D.C.


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  1. The Way of the Cross is a painful journey. The witness which our brothers and sisters have provided for us all is a great testimony to our Lord and Savour. Thank you Jesus for this outward and visible display to what you mean when you remind us, ‘enough’. May we please hold a conversation as to why ‘we need’ these weapons of mass distruction?
    Thank you all for your commitment in being, ” Jesus in the Streets of Jeresulam as he walked to the Cross”. You did so for all of us.

  2. Ron Fox says:

    Very good. Enough of this violence. Now, what is the cause of this violence and how do we stop it?

    is it guns? There are 300,000,000 guns in this country. Over 3 million of them are AR-15s. There were 9500 homicides done with guns. That’s 0.003%, with a similar proportion committed with all rifles (not just AR-15’s and the like). Seems to me that if guns were the problem that number would be a LOT higher.

    Perhaps it’s because we teach children that violence solves problems. We suffuse our culture with violence. Quentin Taratino makes movies suffused with blood and mindless violence. Is he shunned by decent people and his films abandoned? No, he is lauded and given a golden statuette. Rappers and hip-hop musicians sing songs filled with exhortations towards violence that sell millions and are given awards. Here in Chicago the 508 killings we had last year – more Americans killed than in the Afghanistan war zone – were killed with handguns by gangsters trying to kill other gangsters, not by law-abiding people with semi-automatic rifles. When a woman gets pregnant and worries about the problems that raising a child will cause, she is permitted to kill it before it’s born – and the State will give her the money to do so if she does not have enough! We stop encouraging marriage and stop condemning single parenthood, calling people who do “conservatives” like it’s a dirty word, and when that child grows up without a father and in poverty (a redundancy) it will join a gang to replace the family it does not have, and the cycle repeats itself.

    Yes, we DO need to do something about violence. And the first thing we can do is recognize the real causes, abandoning political correctness.

  3. Kevyn Smith says:

    Enough! Amen.

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