Archbishop of Dublin's statement on pope’s resignation

Posted Feb 11, 2013

[Church of Ireland] From The Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop of Glendalough, Primate of Ireland:

‘In informing the world of his forthcoming resignation Pope Benedict XVI has committed himself to continuing to serve God in the church through a life of prayer. He has also drawn attention to the combined strength of body and mind required for carrying out the office of Pope.

‘Pope Benedict has greatly influenced the world in general, and the Christian world in particular, by his scholarship generously shared in a prodigious literary output. He has of late taken the central figure of Jesus in the life of the church and the world as his theme. I wish Pope Benedict everything that is best in his forthcoming retirement and also wisdom to those who will elect his successor in the See of Peter.’


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  1. AliceMarie Slaven-Emond says:

    Spare me! As an EX-Roman of a very Irish family, this Pope has done more to set the church back by decades. His election put Roman Catholic women in pain, again! I truly wonder if he actually felt he was a positive influence on the Roman Church! It amazes me that he has chosen to step down. This is an unusual response to a Roman priest’s ego. Enough said…..I am delighted!

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