Andrew M. L. Dietsche installed as 16th bishop of New York

By Richard Nicholson
Posted Feb 4, 2013

[Episcopal Diocese of New York] At a Feb. 2 service at Manhattan’s Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the Rt. Rev. Andrew Marion Lenow Dietsche was “recognized, invested and installed” as the 16th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New York.

During the service a packed cathedral witnessed the passing to Dietsche of the symbols of office — the stole, cope, miter and crozier of the bishop of New York— by retiring Bishop Mark S. Sisk.

Following the peace, a letter from the bishop of London was read out by his commissary, the Rev. Alan McCormack, and Congressman Charles B. Rangel also addressed the congregation.

Dietsche, who takes over from Sisk, was chosen as the next leader of New York’s Episcopalians by the clergy and laity of the Diocese of New York in an election held in November 2011. In March 2012, he was consecrated bishop coadjutor, also at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Since then and until Feb. 2, he has served alongside Sisk.

From 2001 until his election as bishop coadjutor, Dietsche served as canon for pastoral care in the Diocese of New York — a position in which he was responsible for the pastoral care of the clergy and their families. During that time, and until now, he has been resident in Poughkeepsie (as bishop, he will reside in a house in the Cathedral Close). Before that he was for 11 years the rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Prior to his ordination, Dietsche was a freelance graphic designer and cartoonist – and he continues to produce award-winning cartoons for the diocesan publication, Episcopal New Yorker.