Video: The Bible Challenge – From Whitemarsh to the World

By Matthew Davies
Posted Nov 15, 2012

[Episcopal News Service] The Rev. Marek Zabriskie, rector of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania, spent 2011 reading the Bible cover to cover, a challenge that he says has enriched his life and made him more spiritually alive. His experience led him to develop the Bible Challenge initiative, through which thousands more also have been inspired to read the entire Bible.

Following its success in the Episcopal Church several dioceses throughout the Anglican Communion are now embracing the Bible Challenge too.

The initiative now boasts an international advisory board composed of church leaders, theologians, biblical scholars, authors and noted lay leaders from around the world.

During a recent visit to the United Kingdom to promote the Bible Challenge, Zabriskie met with several church leaders, including the incoming and outgoing archbishops of Canterbury, both who’ve endorsed the initiative.

Among those discerning whether the initiative might work locally, are church leaders in the Welsh Diocese of St. Asaph, which Zabriskie visited during his recent U.K. tour.

Further information about the Bible Challenge is available here. A guide to the year-long reading adventure also can be purchased as a book from Forward Movement here.


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  1. Julian MalaKar says:

    It is encouraging to know Episcopal Church along with Anglican Communion endorse The Bible reading for communicant as food for encountering daily challenge of our spiritual life. It is hard to believe without spiritual knowledge from the Bible anyone could be a good Christian, disciple of Jesus Christ. We came to know about Christ, His Father and the Advocate (Holy Spirit) from the Bible only and put our trust on Him for our eternal life.

    The Bible is the resource book for spirituality of True Triune God of one God who is Spirit and Truth, like Chemistry books are the resource book for any chemical reaction of elements. No other books, science or Arts could provide such godly knowledge of True God other than The Bible. It is the foundation to build faith on rock, become humble and stand firm against strong wind of any hardship encountering our daily natural life in this world. God’s righteousness comes out of knowledge from the Bible. It is the platform Anglican Communion could be united and resolve any dispute with one mind and soul in win-win situation. Wish the project successful to be witness of Jesus Christ Who died for all souls to save all (inclusive) and no one falls behind in the Final Judgment Day.

  2. Kathleen Murff Whiting says:

    Perhaps if all Episcopalians were to embrace this initiative – as I intend to do for the third time in my life – and if we all were to pray every single prayer in the Book of Common Prayer at least once as we read, we would individually and collectively find our ways to a decision to remain with each other. We might discover an open heart instead of a closed mind. And we might just remember to love our neighbors without reservation as Christ loves us.

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