Anglican World magazine relaunches

By ACNS staff
Posted Nov 14, 2012

[Anglican Communion News Service] Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has spoken about the ‘state of the Communion’ in the official magazine of the Anglican Communion, relaunched at the recent Anglican Consultative Council meeting in New Zealand.

Writing in the first edition of Anglican World magazine, Williams said he “hopes and prays” the Communion will always be in the ‘state’ that he describes: one in which “the Church works to uncover the image of God in those around them.”

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Jan Butter, Anglican Communion director of communications, announces the relaunch of Anglican World at the recent Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Auckland, New Zealand. Photo/ACNS

The article, in the magazine’s Last Word section, is one of Archbishop Williams’ final messages in his role as spiritual head of the Communion. He steps down on December 31, 2012 to be succeeded as Archbishop of Canterbury by Bishop of Durham, the Rt Revd Justin Welby.

Co-editor of the magazine and Director for Communications of the Anglican Communion Jan Butter said he was delighted the magazine was relaunched in time for Archbishop Williams’ to write a farewell to the Communion.

Anglican World has always been an important vehicle for the Anglican Communion to hear from its members,” he said. “So I was thrilled that Archbishop Williams could use the magazine to share a message with Anglicans and Episcopalians around the world.

“As well as an overview of the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in New Zealand, and other articles from around the Communion, the next edition will feature an article on the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby; someone with rich experience of the Anglican Communion.”

This redesigned, full colour magazine is the latest in a line of publications—stretching back to Pan Anglican magazine in the 1940s—designed to keep Anglicans around the world up to date with all the latest Communion news and information. It was put on hold in 2007 because of production costs.

“We have held the cost of the magazine at 2007 prices,” said Mr Butter, “only £10 for a year’s subscription—four editions. We’re confident that sufficient Anglicans and Episcopalians around the world will subscribe, enabling us to break even. If we make a profit then we hope to produce Anglican World in French and Spanish too.”

As well as Anglican Communion news plus articles on the Canterbury bishop’s course, Anglican youth in Brazil, and churches tackling gender-based violence, this first edition of Anglican World is also inviting members of the Anglican Communion to take part in a photography competition on the theme of The Spirit of the Anglican Communion.

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Comments (3)

  1. Fr. Phillip Ayers says:

    Glad to see this periodical revived. I always enjoyed it in the old days. I’m going to subscribe and went to the website to do that; I only hope my American credit card went through!
    As disheartened as some of us are about the Communion, we’re still very much a part of it (as is ACNA, through their association with the Southern Cone?) and pray that “we all may be one.” It’s odd that we use that prayer when speaking about other faith communities, while in our own Anglican Communion we’re so very fractured. Help us, Good Lord!

  2. Br. James Teets BSG says:

    I welcome this good news that Anglican World will again come to inform us of the life and times throughout the worldwide Communion! It always was a most useful tool, and I for one have greatly missed it. I will subscribe immediately, and I send best wishes to its editors!

    (Br.) James Teets BSG, Canon
    Director of Public Relations
    The Brotherhood of Saint Gregory

  3. Katerina Whitley says:

    How sad it has been to see so many good publications disappear from our communion that is reputed to have memberships with high levels of education. I am delighted to hear that Anglican World will be revived. Let us hope it begins a new trend of excellent Anglican/Episcopal magazines. I will subscribe.

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