Fond du Lac Bishop Russell Jacobus announces intention to retire

By ENS staff
Posted Oct 29, 2012

[Episcopal News Service] The Rt. Rev. Russell Jacobus, seventh bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fond du Lac, has announced his intention to retire effective Oct. 31, 2013, according to a diocesan press release.

He made the announcement at the conclusion of the diocese’s 138th annual convention, meeting Oct. 20 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He has served as bishop of the diocese, which covers northeast Wisconsin, since his episcopal ordination in 1994.

In his comments to the convention, Jacobus said: “What a joy it is being the bishop of the Diocese of Fond du Lac. As I tell many people – this is a wonderful diocese.” But he said that, during the past year, he has come to the conclusion that “the diocese may need a new vision and voice…”

Jacobus also has called for the election of a successor at the diocese’s next annual convention in October 2013.

Jacobus is married to Jerrie and they have three adult children.

The Diocese of Fond du Lac includes almost 6,000 baptized members worshiping in 37 locations across the northeastern third of the State of Wisconsin.


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  1. Fr. Charles W. V. Daily says:

    Blessings upon this faithful servant who has led this diocese with the spirituality of a true disciple of Christ.

  2. Fr. Phillip Ayers says:

    It was a joy to meet Bishop Russ at DeKoven for the NEHA meeting in 2009, although I’d had some phone conversations and emails with him before that. I almost ended up in Fond du Lac at one time long ago and have had many friends from there, including the late Bishop Jim Warner of Nebraska who was raised up at Wisconsin Rapids and served at Mosinee, Marinette and Oshkosh before his election in 1976. Fr. Larry Boyd was his associate at Oshkosh and later served at “The Rapids” as well. Bishop Russ is an orthodox, conservative Bishop who is loyal and collegial in the Episcopal Church; he and I would probably not see eye-to-eye on some of the “issues” but I would think that he would give me a fair shake as I would for him. There’s nothing quite like mutual respect, kindness, generosity of spirit which sometimes is lacking in our beloved Church, on both sides of issues. God bless him and his family as they enter this new phase. I heartily recommend retirement – did it myself 8 years ago and have never regretted it!

    Fr. Phillip Ayers,
    Portland, OR

  3. Fr. Jon Roberts says:

    I had the good pleasure of meeting Bp. Jacobus while at the ” House” and knew then, he was one of the good ones. Sad, looking back over all the Bishops who visited and served on the Board of Trustees, only five years ago, and most all have either resigned or disaffiliated. I looked up to them, knowing they would hold the line for orthodoxy. Now, with so many taking leaves of absence, I wonder if TEC will finally realize that the reason there is so little conflict nowadays, is because it has ridded itself of godly men, exhausting them or forcing them against their convictions. As one in the field of parish work, I see many buildings becoming empty shells. Bp. Russell planted well in his season. Let’s hope at least one seed took root and will help us prosper. That is what every good and faithful servant asks. May God bless him and keep , giving him a fruitful time in the next field he decides to plant.

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