Berkeley Divinity School at Yale Launches Online Courses and Workshops

Berkeley Divinity School, the Episcopal Seminary at Yale
Posted Sep 8, 2023

As part of its Transforming Leaders initiative, Berkeley Divinity School at Yale is launching a series of courses and workshops in the 2023-2024 academic year. Berkeley’s dynamic, expansive, and practical courses and workshops are designed to help clergy and lay leaders deepen their spiritual lives and enhance their ministry. All leaders from all backgrounds and denominations are welcome to register for these offerings.

Berkeley forms leaders who transform communities. With the creation of these online offerings, the seminary sets its sights beyond students to its alumni and the wider church community. Berkeley’s aim is to be a catalyst, training Episcopal clergy and lay leaders to cultivate Christian communities that effectively and faithfully witness to the Gospel amidst today’s challenges.

The first course, “Innovation on the Daring Way: A Pathway for Brave Ministry,” will be taught by the Rev’d Dr. Hillary Raining this October. The course will focus on giving participants tools to break free from fear and shame using a model called “The Daring Way™,” a psycho-educational course based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.

Other courses and workshops will focus on utilizing church facilities, engaging in contemplation of the Trinity , leading hybrid ministry, preaching on Christmas and Easter, encouraging congregations to be forward-thinking in the creation of more equitable and sustainable societies, and ministering to those impacted by suicide.

“These courses and workshops are designed to fit into the busy lives of those engaged in ministry. It’s our hope that these programs not only deepen ministry skills and empower leaders to meet the challenges of the world with the hope of the Gospel, but to cultivate a network of support and fellowship that will sustain them over a lifetime of service.” -Executive Director of Leadership Programs, Brandon Nappi, D.Min.

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