June 15 marked 109th anniversary of Syriac-Aramaic genocide

Posted Jun 17, 2024

[World Council of Churches] June 15 marked the 109th anniversary of the Syriac-Aramaic genocide, in which over half a million Syriac-Aramaic Christians are estimated to have lost their lives in 1915.

World Council of Churches general secretary the Rev. Jerry Pillay said that this event is distinct and separate from the Armenian genocide, even though the two took place n the same historical and political context. He added, Alongside the Armenian genocide, the upheavals of that historical period were marked by genocidal acts against several – mostly Christian – communities of Aramean, Chaldean, Syrian, Assyrian, and Greek descent, which have blighted history at the beginning of the 20th century but which remain under-recognized and for which accountability has never been pursued.”

All too often, Pillay said, the victims of genocide and their descendants face silence and the denial of historical facts, and must struggle for recognition of what their people have experienced, compounding their anguish and despair. 

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