Archbishop of Canterbury writes about new fund created to fight mindset of slavery

Posted Apr 4, 2024

[Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury] The Most Rev. Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury, has written about a new fund created by the Church Commissioners for England to help change the mindset that helped members of the Church of England participate in chattel slavery.

In an article for the Church of England newspaper, Welby said the new Fund for Healing, Justice and Repair, amounting to more than $125 million and with a goal of $1.25 billion, is designed to address “the underlying mindsets and attitudes that produced Transatlantic Chattel Slavery  — the entitlement to commodify, exploit and destroy God’s image bearers so that a relative few can profit and flourish,” adding that those attitudes are still alive today and are “blighting the lives of millions of people of African descent.”

He added, “Understanding our past helps us all to better understand our present and make better decisions that would lead to human flourishing for all.”

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