At Anglican bishops’ conference of Southern Africa, WCC moderator reflects on church unity, the world

Posted Feb 28, 2024

[World Council of Churches] In a speech before the Anglican Bishops’ Conference of Southern Africa, World Council of Churches moderator the Rev. Heinrich Bedford-Strohm reflected on Salt of the earth and light of the world: Unity of the church as a sign for unity in the world.”

He noted that South Africa will hold elections this year. Will people make use of their right to vote, which so many had struggled for and even lost their life for?” he asked. Or will a general dissatisfaction about life 30 years after the introduction of democracy as a basis of South African political life keep people away from the polls?”

Bedford-Strohm emphasized that, if equal human dignity for all is the core of the democratic vision, it must show in how democracies act. I believe the churches can play an important role in publicly demanding such credibility,” he said. The ecumenical movement must be a counterforce to the forces of divisiveness in this world.”

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