Church of England cathedral attendance continued post-pandemic bounce back in 2022

Posted Feb 9, 2024

[The Church of England] Attendance at Church of England cathedrals continued to bounce back following the pandemic, new statistics for 2022 published on Feb. 8 show.

Figures show that adult usual Sunday attendance rose 60% between 2021 and 2022 for the 42 Church of England mainland cathedrals, to 12,300 adults. A total of 28,200 people, including children, attended services every week, according to Cathedral Statistics 2022.

Over the year there were 584,000 attendances at specially arranged services ā€“ not included in average weekly attendance ā€“ such as school services. The number of special services stood at 2,100. The total reported attendance at Christmas services stood at 104,000.

However the figures had not yet reached pre-pandemic levels of attendance.

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