World Council of Churches backs ceasefire extension in Colombia

Posted Jan 18, 2024

[World Council of Churches] Within the framework of the negotiations and conversations of the third cycle of the Peace Dialogue Table between the government of Colombia and the Estado Mayor Central FARC-EP, the news was received that President Petro approved Decree 0016 of Jan. 14, 2024, which extends the ceasefire with the EMC FARC-EP for six more months.

“We receive this news with great joy,” said World Council of Churches general secretary the Rev. Jerry Pillay. “It shows that further steps are being taken for the peace process to advance, in the interests of the security and rights of the civilian population,” he said.

The World Council of Churches participates in the Round Table of Dialogue for Peace as a Permanent Accompanying Party along with the Roman Catholic Church, the Organization of American States and the United Nations Verification Mission.

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