Faith-based leaders release statement to Global Refugee Forum: ‘seeking asylum is a basic human right’

Posted Dec 13, 2023

[World Council of Churches] In a message to the Global Refugee Forum released Dec. 12 , faith-based leaders underscored their commitment to offering sanctuary for refugees as well defending their human rights. The Global Refugee Forum is being held in Geneva Dec. 13-15. Held every four years, the Forum is the world’s largest international gathering on refugees.

We recognize that while our commitments are important contributions, there are more humanitarian needs than humanitarian resources available for the 36.4 million refugees worldwide today,” the message said. The consequences are stark, affecting displaced people and the communities hosting them.”

The faith-based leaders pledged to continue speaking up and defending the individual right to seek asylum. We will advocate for safe passage, humanitarian corridors, and facilitation of humanitarian visas,” the message said. We recognize the contribution of refugees. They bring their skills, ambitions, courage, and dreams for peace to their communities through forgiveness and reconciliation.”

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