World Council of Churches webinar explores ‘decolonizing beauty’

Posted Dec 11, 2023

[World Council of Churches] With a close look at the skin-whitening pandemic,” a  Dec. 4 webinar hosted by the World Council of Churches explored the intersections of mission, gender, racism and health. 

A conversation, offered through a panel discussion, explored the roots of pressuring women from racialized communities to meet the standards of beauty defined by whiteness and white supremacism, and the effects of such pressure to their health, as well as in church and society.

One panelist was Adele Halliday, lead staff for antiracism and equity for the United Church of Canada, who also incoming co-moderator of the WCC Reference Group on Overcoming Racism. She referred to skin whitening—and the strong marketing message surrounding it—as another way minds are being colonized. Theres nothing wrong with the color of my skin,” she said. I can say that loudly and clearly. But the messages received from outside dont say that.”

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