Archbishop of Canterbury urges UK government to scrap two-child benefit cap

Posted Dec 11, 2023

[Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury] The archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. Justin Welby, used his House of Lords debate on families and households on Dec. 8 to urge the government of the United Kingdom to scrap the two-child benefit cap. The cap means that parents can only get child tax credit or universal credit for their first two children. The cap is for the third child and subsequent children born after April 2017.

In his debate, Welby urged the government to put families at the center of policymaking. He highlighted research from the End Child Poverty Coalition that stated that “removing the two-child limit would lift a quarter of a million children out of poverty.”

He also pointed to other issues that impact families in the U.K., referencing recent changes to immigration rules. “This week we hear that many people in this country will be prevented from living together with their spouse, children or elderly parents as a result of a big increase in the minimum income requirement for family visas,” he said.

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