WCC executive committee to meet in Nigeria Nov. 8-14

Posted Nov 2, 2023

[World Council of Churches] The World Council of Churches executive committee will meet Nov. 8-14 in Abuja, Nigeria, to approve plans and budget for 2024 and to further develop the Pilgrimage of Justice, Reconciliation and Unity. The WCC governing body also will monitor 2023 and the implementation of the organization’s strategies.

The central committee’s moderator, the Rev. Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, said, “The executive committee meets at a time when the call for justice, reconciliation and unity is more urgent than ever. The war in the Middle East in addition to the war in Ukraine has immensely increased the suffering caused by violence to children, women and men in so many places in the world. The challenge of climate change strongly affects not only future generations but people today struck by droughts, wildfires, storms and flooding.

“A strong and unified public voice of the churches in global civil society is needed to urge governments to take action. My hope is that the meeting in Abuja will show such unified voice.”

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