Anticipating extreme rainfall, Kenyan churches prepare their people

Posted Oct 26, 2023

[World Council of Churches] After fighting battles against severe droughts, Kenyan churches are preparing their communities for extreme rainfall, as weather experts warn of a possible El Nino phenomenon from October to December.

The clerics are working to ensure that the people can cope with potential deadly floods, mudslides and displacement associated with the climatic condition. When these have occurred, churches and church institutions have often become centers of refuge and care for affected populations.

Heavy rains already have hit East Africa. On Oct. 18 , rainstorms struck northwest Tanzania, destroying a Roman Catholic church. Some flooding has also occurred in Somalia, with people, asset and infrastructure being affected.

Anglican Bishop Daniel Qampicha Wario of Kenya’s Diocese of Marsabit said the church was sensitizing the people to the need to take necessary safeguards in case of El Nino rains. We are telling them to divert water away from their homes,” Wario said. We are advising the community to harvest rainwater and also plant food crops on their farms.”

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