Scottish bishop calls for prayers for Storm Babet victims

Posted Oct 20, 2023

[Scottish Episcopal Church] On Oct. 20, Storm Babet resulted in severe flooding in the City of Brechin and a Red Weather Warning for large areas of Tayside, Angus and Aberdeenshire.

In response, the Rt. Rev Andrew Swift, the bishop of Brechin, said, “The unprecedented rainfall north of the River Tay over the past day has had a horrendous impact on the communities in those areas. The reported loss of life is tragic and the search for those missing is heartbreaking. My prayers are for those who have lost loved ones. Flooding forcing the evacuation of hundreds of residents in the City of Brechin shows the terrible impact this is having on so, so many lives.

“Please keep all those affected by Storm Babet in your prayers as, God willing, the weather passes and the extremes of flooding eventually recede. The aftermath of the flooding in Brechin and throughout the affected regions will stretch and test the resources and resolve of these communities for some considerable time to come. As churches we will do all we can to support the work of community recovery in the weeks and months ahead.”

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