Teens’ message to global financial summit in France: ‘replace the existing colonial economic model’

Posted Jul 6, 2023

[World Council of Churches] Children who gathered prior and during  the New Global Financial Pact, held June 22-23 in Paris, delivered a clear message to President Macron and world leaders: the existing colonial economic model must be replaced with one that prioritizes humanity over profits.

The teenagers, representing diverse backgrounds and regions, gathered June 21-23 in Paris in an event initiated by Ellyanne Wanjiku, the youngest African climate ambassador, with support from the World Council of Churches and the Jesuit Ecological Justice Network in Africa. Praying her way through the security restrictions, Ellyanne and the team were admitted to the heads-of-state and ministers-only hall of the summit in Palais Brognard.

In the face of a global system that often silences the vulnerable, and disregards the marginalised, we put forth this declaration as a rallying cry for a more equitable global financing pact, one that safeguards a just and sustainable future for all the children across the globe,” their message reads.

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