Forward Movement director’s medical condition improves following incident

By ENS staff
Posted Jul 29, 2022

The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn, executive director of Forward Movement, has made significant progress in his healing over the past few days and his medical team reports that all signs are pointing toward a full and complete recovery, according to a July 28 update posted on the organization’s website.

Gunn suffered a serious medical incident while on vacation in Singapore and it was reported on July 22  that he was hospitalized there in critical condition there.

His doctors expect he will be able to travel home from Singapore in four-to-six weeks. “While he may be released from the hospital before then, he will need to continue his rehabilitation on an outpatient basis before doctors can recommend long-distance travel.” His wife, Rev. Sherilyn Pearce, will remain with him in Singapore through his rehabilitation and recovery, the update said.