Canadian General Synod may revisit rules for membership, voting

Posted Jan 3, 2022

[Anglican Journal (Anglican Church of Canada)] When it meets next summer, the Anglican Church of Canada’s Council of General Synod is expected to vote on a set of proposals concerning its own rules for membership and voting.

On Nov. 5, CoGS voted to direct the Governance Working Group (GWG) — a body tasked to review rules around order, procedure and composition of General Synod — to draft resolutions for General Synod necessary to implement the five proposals in a report it made to CoGS in May 2021.

These proposals include a modification to the rules determining the number of elected clergy and lay members from each diocese; changing the threshold for required votes, in the case of votes by order, from two-thirds of each order to two-thirds of General Synod as a whole with a majority in each order; and eliminating the need for certain resolutions to be approved by two successive sessions of General Synod.

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