Prince Charles visits traditional baptismal site of Jesus in Jordan

Posted Nov 24, 2021

[Diocese of Jerusalem, the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East] Charles, the Prince of Wales and the heir apparent to the British throne, accompanied by his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, arrived on a visit to Jordan, where King Abdullah II, Queen Rania and Prince Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan, welcomed them on Nov. 16.

Archbishop Hosam Naoum, the Anglican archbishop in Jerusalem, joined in welcoming the Prince of Wales at the traditional site of Jesus Christ’s baptism on the eastern side of the Jordan River on that same day, along with other religious and civil representatives. In his speech, Naoum welcomed Prince Charles on behalf of all Jordanians and said, “Gathering at this baptismal site, we are reminded of Jesus Christ’s baptism, which leads us to thinking about the new birth, and the restoration of creation through the baptismal water. This urges us to care for creation and the environment.”