In Church of England, new research shows cathedrals’ contribution to local economies and communities

Posted Aug 19, 2021

[Church of England] In 2019, England’s 42 Anglican cathedrals contributed $321 million to their local economies. They provided 6,065 jobs full-time equivalent jobs and volunteering posts for 15,400 people who gave 906,000 hours of their time. They welcomed more than 14.6 million visits, 308,000 by schoolchildren for educational events, and 9.5 million from tourists. 
In the same year, cathedrals hosted a rich program of arts, music, heritage and culture – amounting to 9,580 events equivalent to two every three days – as well as providing the venues for film shoots such as “The Crown,” “Doctor Who and “Avengers: Endgame.” 

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