GAFCON leaders at odds over pastoral care of gay Christians

By Rebecca Paveley
Posted Mar 3, 2021

[Church Times] The Archbishop of Nigeria Henry Ndukuba has rebuked members of the conservative Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), for what he calls a “subtle capitulation to recognize and promote same-sex relations among its members.”

The cause of Ndukuba’s rebuke, issued Feb. 26, was a pastoral statement issued by ACNA on Jan. 19 on sexuality and identity, which included discussion of language describing Christians who are gay. It said: “To insist on the adjective ‘gay,’ with all of its cultural attachments, is problematic to the point that we cannot affirm its usage in relation to the word ‘Christian.’”

It commended instead the use of “Christians who experience same-sex attraction”; but its conclusion invited bishops to discern usage in their own dioceses, as appropriate.

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