Anglican Church of Tanzania prepares for severe food shortages

Posted Oct 12, 2015

[Anglican Alliance] The general secretary of Anglican Church of Tanzania, during a recent visit to the Anglican Alliance office, shared his concern that parts of Tanzania have a food crisis looming. He is eager that the church should prepare for upcoming food shortages now.

The rains earlier this year came late and were not sufficient so people in central areas of Tanzania are already struggling to get enough food, three months earlier than the usual lean season. The Rev. Canon Johnson Chinyong’ole is looking to get support to buy food stocks now from the highlands in the south of the country, where crops are being harvested, to store for later in the year. These stores will be used to provide targeted relief to those in direst need at the height of the looming crisis.

Chinyong’ole would also like to set up seed banks to ensure that poor smallholder farmers will have seed to plant when the rains come in December. Farmers harvested so little last year that they have no seed left to sow and no income to buy seed, let alone improved (drought resistant) seed.

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