Video: After Sandy, ‘The hands and feet of Christ were here every day’

By Mary Frances Schjonberg
Posted Dec 11, 2012

[Episcopal News Service] St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Keansburg, New Jersey, may be a small congregation, but its kitchen and parish hall have been a refuge in the last six weeks for the people trying to sort through and rebuild their lives after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the town and nearby communities. “The hands and feet of Christ were here every day,” said George Speidel, a kitchen volunteer from Christ Church in Middletown.


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  1. The Holy Spirit is stirring, Advent is among us, each day as we pause to pray at noon with the community a feeling of absolute awe comes over me as I look at the faces of our guest. Forget all of the baggage, drugs, alcohol, mental illness etc…forget the labels…we gather together at the table, and its Emmaus. I see Jesus on their faces. Rev. Mary Frances preached the week after Easter once at Trinity Church Asbury Park where i was a member, and she preached on Emmaus, she ended her sermon by asking us to consider where we would find Jesus in the days of Easter. in the wake of the worst storm in my lifetime, I find myself in between Advent and Easter…In this place where “I know” In this sort of paradoxical stillness where there is also a stirring…I am so blessed by this video because it very eloquently portrays the hearts of our even more eloquently portrays the heart of what it means to be an Episcopalian. Thank you Mary Frances, this is superbly done.

  2. Zena B McGlashan says:

    Having known Mary Frances in her previous life, that of a newspaper writer and editor, it doesn’t surprise me at all that she is outstanding in her new life! I’m impressed that a former “ink-stained print journalist” can use those those same editing skills and vision to bring together a video story with the same acumen. Nice job, MF

  3. Tracy Kaiserian says:

    So awesome to see people pull together and share!~

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