Theological Education

  1. Episcopal Divinity School launches new podcast mini-series
    Posted Jun 14, 2024
    Episcopal Divinity School
  2. Seminary of the Southwest announces election of Dr. Scott Bader-Saye as ninth dean and president
    Posted May 29, 2024
    Seminary of the Southwest, Austin, TX
  3. The General Theological Seminary celebrates its 201st commencement
    Posted May 22, 2024
    The General Theological Seminary
  4. Virginia Theological Seminary celebrates its 201st Commencement
    Posted May 10, 2024
    Virginia Theological Seminary
  5. Nashotah House names medieval historian as seminary’s new dean
    Posted May 1, 2024
  6. Bishops oppose General Seminary’s long-term lease with choral music school over LGBTQ+ inclusion concerns
    Posted Apr 11, 2024
    By David Paulsen
  7. Virginia Theological Seminary appoints the Rev. Joseph Thompson as Seminary Librarian
    Posted Mar 19, 2024
    Virginia Theological Seminary
  8. EDS critically engages white Christian nationalism
    Posted Feb 26, 2024
    Episcopal Divinity School
  9. Virginia Theological Seminary announces full scholarship packages for all full-time residential students
    Posted Feb 22, 2024
    Virginia Theological Seminary
  10. Upcoming Continuing Ed courses include The Prophets, Missional Practices & Beloved Community, Ecotheology
    Posted Feb 16, 2024
    Church Divinity School of the Pacific
  11. SAU launches Falcon Pride Initiative Fund to preserve accreditation
    Posted Feb 15, 2024
    Saint Augustine's University
  12. Bishop Kemper School for Ministry announces summer retirement of Dean Don Compier
    Posted Feb 1, 2024
    Bishop Kemper School for Ministry
  13. A new era of cooperation in theological education in The Episcopal Church
    Posted Jan 22, 2024
    Council of Episcopal Seminary Deans
  14. Pittsburgh Seminary and Fred Rogers Institute offer theology and ministry fellowship
    Posted Jan 22, 2024
    Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
  15. Bexley Seabury announces 2 new hires, a bright future, and an invitation for collaboration
    Posted Jan 17, 2024
    Bexey Seabury Seminary
  16. Virginia Theological Seminary awards the Dean’s Cross to Ellen Wofford Hawkins
    Posted Dec 19, 2023
    Virginia Theological Seminary
  17. Virginia Theological Seminary launches new Christian Formation track for Doctoral programs
    Posted Dec 5, 2023
    Virginia Theological Seminary
  18. Upcoming Continuing Ed courses include God & Climate Change, Pastoral Care with Marginalized Communities
    Posted Nov 29, 2023
    Church Divinity School of the Pacific
  19. Applications open for 250 priests to join Virginia Theological Seminary’s Thriving in Ministry initiative
    Posted Nov 13, 2023
    Virginia Theological Seminary
  20. General Theological Seminary eyes deal with Christian nonprofit to lease, renovate buildings
    Posted Nov 9, 2023
    By ENS staff