Racial Justice & Reconciliation

  1. Washington National Cathedral dedicates new racial justice-themed windows by renowned artist
    Posted Sep 25, 2023
    By Melodie Woerman
  2. Episcopal Divinity School begins its second year of the Religion and Racial Justice film cohort
    Posted Sep 11, 2023
    Episcopal Divinity School
  3. Episcopal leaders pledge support for Black male students at College of Coastal Georgia
    Posted Aug 2, 2023
    By Caleb Galaraga
  4. ‘It’s All About Love’ offers lessons in engaging in racial reconciliation work at community level
    Posted Jul 11, 2023
    By Shireen Korkzan
  5. Episcopal Urban Caucus issues statement about Supreme Court’s decision on race in college admissions
    Posted Jul 7, 2023
    Episcopal Urban Caucus
  6. Rediscovery of African American cemetery connects St. John’s Cold Spring Harbor with its complicated history
    Posted Jun 23, 2023
    By Caleb Galaraga
  7. ‘Uncovering Parish Histories’ delves into slave history, racial injustice in Long Island diocese’s Episcopal c...
    Posted Jun 23, 2023
    By Caleb Galaraga
  8. West Missouri members make Juneteenth pilgrimage to lynching site
    Posted Jun 23, 2023
    By Gary Allman
  9. Episcopal churches nationwide to host special activities to commemorate and celebrate Juneteenth
    Posted Jun 14, 2023
    By Melodie Woerman
  10. Episcopal delegate attends meeting of new UN Permanent Forum on People of African Descent
    Posted Jun 6, 2023
    By Melodie Woerman
  11. 1,100-mile ‘Camino’ across Diocese of San Joaquin to focus on ‘migrant, climate and racial justice’
    Posted Apr 21, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  12. Creation care, youth outreach among church priorities emphasized in listening session on 2025-27 budget
    Posted Apr 18, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  13. Sacred Ground inspires Nebraska Episcopalians to make a pilgrimage to Civil Rights sites in June
    Posted Apr 17, 2023
    By Melodie Woerman
  14. Diocese of Central New York honors Harriet Tubman during annual renewal of vows service
    Posted Mar 22, 2023
    By Melodie Woerman
  15. George Washington’s Virginia church researches, acknowledges enslaved laborers who built it
    Posted Mar 16, 2023
    By ENS staff
  16. Episcopal bishops describe ‘powerful, challenging’ racial justice pilgrimage to Montgomery, Alabama
    Posted Mar 10, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  17. Faith leaders urge Biden to sign executive order for reparations study by Juneteenth
    Posted Mar 2, 2023
    By Adelle M. Banks
  18. Western North Carolina pilgrimage to amplify historically Black churches’ stories
    Posted Feb 23, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  19. Visit to castle’s dungeon in Ghana offers ACC lessons on church’s complicity in the transatlantic slave trade...
    Posted Feb 15, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  20. Executive Council wraps meeting where divided COO vote intensified ongoing dismantling racism discussion
    Posted Feb 12, 2023
    By David Paulsen