1. The Rev. Canon Jason Bray appointed as visiting theologian of the Order of Christ the Saviour
    Posted Mar 11, 2024
    Order of Christ the Saviour
  2. Diocese of California appoints its first Canon for Racial, Social, and Environmental Justice
    Posted Feb 23, 2024
    Episcopal Diocese of California
  3. Bishop Kemper School for Ministry announces summer retirement of Dean Don Compier
    Posted Feb 1, 2024
    Bishop Kemper School for Ministry
  4. Kelly Brown Douglas reflects on spending the fall in the United Kingdom
    Posted Feb 1, 2024
    Episcopal Divinity School
  5. Episcopal Community Services of New Jersey executive director to resign
    Posted Jan 18, 2024
    Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey
  6. Bexley Seabury announces 2 new hires, a bright future, and an invitation for collaboration
    Posted Jan 17, 2024
    Bexey Seabury Seminary
  7. John T. W. Harmon ordained 14th bishop of Arkansas
    Posted Jan 8, 2024
    Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas
  8. Virginia Theological Seminary awards the Dean’s Cross to Ellen Wofford Hawkins
    Posted Dec 19, 2023
    Virginia Theological Seminary
  9. Dr. Sean Vogt awarded inaugural Raymond Glover Grant for Episcopal Liturgical Music
    Posted Dec 15, 2023
    Association of Anglican Musicians
  10. Daughters of the King, Diocese of Central Florida mourn loss of former national DOK President Krisita Jackson
    Posted Dec 12, 2023
    Diocese of Central Florida
  11. Grawemeyer Award 2024 goes to the Rev. Dr. Charles Halton of Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington, KY
    Posted Dec 8, 2023
    Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington, KY
  12. EES announces 2023 Directors’ Award winners
    Posted Dec 7, 2023
    The Episcopal Evangelism Society (EES)
  13. GEMN announces Board officers and new members for 2023-24
    Posted Nov 13, 2023
    Global Episcopal Mission Network
  14. Episcopal Day School of St. Matthew welcomes Quincey Grieve as new head of school
    Posted Nov 9, 2023
    Episcopal Day School of St. Matthew, San Mateo, CA
  15. The Very Rev. Cynthia Briggs Kittredge announces transition from Seminary of the Southwest
    Posted Oct 13, 2023
    Seminary of the Southwest
  16. National Cathedral calls the Rev. Jo Nygard Owens as inaugural pastor for digital ministry
    Posted Oct 13, 2023
    Washington National Cathedral
  17. RIP: Leonard Wilkie Johnson
    Posted Oct 6, 2023
    St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Berkeley, CA
  18. St. Martin’s, Williamsburg celebrates past, welcomes Lisa Green as new rector
    Posted Sep 27, 2023
    Saint Martin’s Episcopal Church, Williamsburg, VA,
  19. The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson to be awarded honorary degree from the University of the South
    Posted Sep 27, 2023
    The School of Theology, University of the South
  20. The Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains has a New Name and President
    Posted Sep 26, 2023
    Association of Episcopal Chaplains