Ethnic Ministries

  1. Los pintores hispanos ofrecen observaciones coloridas en la Convención General
    Posted Jul 8, 2012
    Por el personal de ENS
  2. Hispanic artist offers colorful reflections at General Convention
    Posted Jul 7, 2012
    By ENS staff
  3. The Episcopal Church with a Latino face
    Posted Jul 4, 2012
    By Cesar Cardoza
  4. EDS announces partnership with Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries
    Posted Jun 27, 2012
    Episcopal Divinity School
  5. Seminary of the Southwest launches program for Hispanic students
    Posted Jun 26, 2012
  6. All Episcopalians invited to join 'Lament Over the Doctrine of Discovery'
    Posted Jun 26, 2012
  7. All Episcopalians invited to join ‘Lament Over the Doctrine of Discovery’
    Posted Jun 26, 2012
  8. Sparking 'new visions' of communities of faith, centers of mission
    Posted Jun 7, 2012
    By Pat McCaughan
  9. Canada: Bishop calls Mississauga Declaration a 'threat to stay'
    Posted May 29, 2012
    By Marites N. Sison
  10. Australian Aboriginal archdeacon supports reconciliation
    Posted Mar 14, 2012
    By David Crampton
  11. ‘New Community Gathering’ unites Episcopal ethnic ministries
    Posted Mar 6, 2012
    By Pat McCaughan
  12. ‘Pastor Sadie’ waits (mostly) patiently for racial equality
    Posted Feb 29, 2012
    By Sharon Sheridan
  13. Seminarian followed an unplanned path into civil rights activism
    Posted Feb 24, 2012
    By Sharon Sheridan
  14. Privileged background gave woman power to change the system
    Posted Feb 20, 2012
    By Sharon Sheridan
  15. Retired professor reflects on lifetime working toward racial healing
    Posted Feb 16, 2012
    By Sharon Sheridan
  16. Episcopal Church conference to explore mission in ethnic ministries
    Posted Jan 31, 2012
  17. Leaders meet to consult on Episcopal Church’s ethnic ministries
    Posted Jan 17, 2012
    By Lelanda Lee
  18. Latino evangelical coalition highlights issues in U.S. election
    Posted Jan 10, 2012
    By Jim DeLa