Church of England

  1. Church of England publishes report on historic links to slave trade, announces £100m program in response
    Posted Jan 10, 2023
  2. Archbishop of Canterbury to speak at Advent prayer service for Ukraine
    Posted Dec 16, 2022
  3. English bishops discuss same-sex marriage ahead of key February synod
    Posted Dec 15, 2022
  4. Carbon emissions reduce as Church of England makes progress toward 2030 target
    Posted Dec 15, 2022
  5. English church food pantries extend hours to serve as warming centers
    Posted Nov 4, 2022
  6. Church of England bishops meet to discuss LGBTQ+ issues ahead of February General Synod
    Posted Nov 3, 2022
  7. Over 1 million people have prayed online with Church of England podcast and app
    Posted Nov 2, 2022
  8. New fund to help English churches with energy bills announced
    Posted Oct 12, 2022
  9. Church-run course in England supports people living with depression
    Posted Oct 11, 2022
  10. Ukrainian refugee music students find sanctuary at National Musicians’ Church in London
    Posted Sep 22, 2022
    By Giles Fouhy
  11. Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II
    Posted Sep 19, 2022
  12. Church of England’s Diocese in Europe joins European Climate Pact
    Posted Aug 31, 2022
  13. Younger people more likely to pray than older generations, Church of England survey finds
    Posted Aug 30, 2022
  14. Church of England’s General Synod endorses plan to reach net-zero carbon by 2030
    Posted Jul 8, 2022
  15. English music producer-turned-priest puts on DJ-led worship services
    Posted Jul 1, 2022
  16. More than 1,000 events in English cathedrals and churches to mark queen’s Platinum Jubilee
    Posted Jun 2, 2022
  17. Church of England national funding to increase 30% to support parish ministry
    Posted May 12, 2022
  18. Composer John Rutter pens new work after Ukraine invasion – and holds surprise parish premiere
    Posted Mar 25, 2022
  19. English churches mark National Day of Reflection on anniversary of COVID-19 lockdown
    Posted Mar 22, 2022
  20. Anglican community kitchen feeds Ukrainian refugees in Belgium
    Posted Mar 10, 2022