Church of England

  1. Church of England’s General Synod backs standalone services for same-sex blessings
    Posted Jul 10, 2024
    By David Paulsen
  2. Archbishop of York is new patron of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Friendly Churches
    Posted Jun 10, 2024
  3. New York’s St. Thomas Church hosts ‘Twinning of York’ centennial festivities, presiding bishop to preach
    Posted May 8, 2024
    By Shireen Korkzan
  4. Same-sex couples receive blessings for first time in Church of England
    Posted Dec 18, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  5. Tensions flare at Church of England General Synod over plan for blessings of same-sex couples
    Posted Jul 10, 2023
    By David Paulsen
  6. Two Church of England investment bodies announce they will divest from fossil fuels
    Posted Jun 22, 2023
    By ENS Staff
  7. Church of England publishes redress plan for victims of church-related abuse
    Posted Jun 20, 2023
  8. English bishop welcomes UN Security Council adoption of resolution on freedom of religion or belief
    Posted Jun 20, 2023
  9. Church of England archbishops welcome Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Friendly Churches initiative
    Posted Jun 14, 2023
  10. Church of England bishops discuss General Synod decision on sexuality and marriage
    Posted Jun 8, 2023
  11. In England, Cornish churchyard helps feed local community
    Posted May 15, 2023
  12. Church of England releases agenda for July Synod meeting, dates for November Synod
    Posted May 15, 2023
  13. Church of England releases update on process for same-sex blessings
    Posted May 9, 2023
  14. Church of England’s social impact program makes $7.1 million in investments
    Posted May 3, 2023
  15. Church of England Archbishops’ Commission on Families & Households publishes its final report
    Posted Apr 27, 2023
  16. Church of England General Synod endorses bishops’ proposal for same-sex blessings
    Posted Feb 9, 2023
    By Egan Millard
  17. Church of England’s General Synod gets underway, with questions about same-sex marriage looming
    Posted Feb 6, 2023
    By Egan Millard
  18. New board to oversee ‘unprecedented’ Church of England investment in mission and ministry
    Posted Jan 31, 2023
  19. Church of England releases draft prayers for same-sex blessings; archbishop of Canterbury says he won’t use th...
    Posted Jan 20, 2023
    By Egan Millard
  20. Church of England bishops propose offering blessings to same-sex couples, but not marriage
    Posted Jan 18, 2023
    By Egan Millard