Black History Month

  1. Episcopal parishes, dioceses to commemorate the life and work of Absalom Jones, the church’s first Black pries...
    Posted Feb 1, 2024
    By Melodie Woerman
  2. St. Augustine’s president preaches at National Cathedral for HBCU Welcome Sunday
    Posted Feb 20, 2023
  3. Episcopal leaders express frustration, concern over limits on teaching of Black history
    Posted Feb 1, 2023
    By Caleb Galaraga
  4. New York’s Absalom Jones celebration highlights parallels between his times and ours
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
    By Egan Millard
  5. Offering in honor of Blessed Absalom Jones to assist Episcopal Historically Black Colleges and University
    Posted Jan 29, 2018
    Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs
  6. Historically black colleges challenged by economic hardships
    Posted Feb 28, 2014
    By Sharon Sheridan
  7. All Saints Church puts ‘heart and soul’ into St. Louis neighborhood
    Posted Feb 26, 2014
    By Pat McCaughan
  8. 25 years after consecration of Bishop Barbara C. Harris
    Posted Feb 21, 2014
    By Tracy Sukraw
  9. Black History Month: St. Barnabas ‘keeps hope alive’ in Pasadena
    Posted Feb 20, 2014
    By Pat McCaughan
  10. Absalom Jones’ vibrancy lives on at St. Thomas, Philadelphia
    Posted Feb 13, 2014
    By Pat McCaughan
  11. Why we celebrate Black History Month
    Posted Feb 5, 2014
    By Glenice Robinson-Como
  12. Resources available for Black History Month
    Posted Feb 3, 2014
  13. Seminarian followed an unplanned path into civil rights activism
    Posted Feb 24, 2012
    By Sharon Sheridan
  14. Privileged background gave woman power to change the system
    Posted Feb 20, 2012
    By Sharon Sheridan
  15. Retired professor reflects on lifetime working toward racial healing
    Posted Feb 16, 2012
    By Sharon Sheridan